A downloadable game for Windows

An Irisu Syndrome fangame about the main character (You) that is exploring a town that you just moved in, but suddenly gets lost in the woods. What will you find there and is there a way out?

Things to know before downloading the game:

  • It's free!
  • Less than 20 minutes gameplay!
  • There are 3 endings! (One of them is hidden)
  • Contains some spooks!~
  • Feel free to record gameplays of this! (I recommend you to capture the whole screen.)
  • This game is exclusive for Windows!


UsagiSyndrome-1.2-win.zip 32 MB

Development log


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crashed during the beginning :(

What kind of crash happened?


it was good lmao wish there's more of it


This was a nice game overall. It's nice to see people taking advantage of some of Ren'py's more advanced features. And I noticed a certain easter egg after getting the secret ending that, as a fan of the original Irisu Syndrome, sent a genuine chill down my spine!

I got 2 of the three endings(?)  Overall, I wish the game was a bit longer and had more story in it. Also any tips on getting the hidden ending?

Here's my channel for other games I've played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Assuming you're not going to decompile the game, the other ending is found with multiple spacebar presses on the choices screen


Yeah. I found the ending yesterday after a comment pointed the missing link out to me. Really smart hiding place tbh.


Yes, it is !

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I've added more story to the game in version 1.1! Hopefully everyone will get what I want to tell to the VN world.

um is it supposed to move your mouse?

it did for me

im just a kid

idk stuff lol


Yes, it does - and it is supposed to

o ok

The idea is to fight against the choice being made for you

o cool