Hi. It's been a while since I update this game. Well why, you ask?

So, after some discussions with Ziel,  we decided to extend the intro part. (Version 2.0, yay!)
We will add 3 minigames into the game and (hopefully) make the game even more interesting!
But it doesn't end there cause there are more secrets to uncover inside these minigames and perhaps a secret ending?? ;)

Apart from that, I want to thank everyone who have played the game and/or promotes it to the world! I'm so happy to see many Irisu Syndrome fans come and spread the game even more. It makes me happy to know that people are excited to play Irisu Syndrome again because of this game. So, thank you guys! <3  :') 

Thank you, Miza-chi who made Irisu art for this announcement!

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